Expand that thing you do without noticing

Breathing (v.) — the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs.

I find myself more and more acutely aware not only how I breathe but how other people do in my journey to true mindfulness. I’m starting to think mindfulness is a lot of stopping and observing and listening.

My boyfriend breathes as if he is aspirating large amounts of oxygen after resurfacing from a long time underwater. He settles it deep into his belly before expelling it with such force it’ll make you feel like you’re near a fan.

I, on the other hand, breathe shallowly. It never seems to make its way past the rise and fall of my chest. Often rapid and interrupted, my breathing is inextricably linked to the emotion(s) I’m feeling in that very moment.

To breathe with the mindfulness that meditation commands — wakes up a feeling of fluidity that is much like floating.

So watch out mouthbreathers, nasal breathers, loud breathers, snotty breathers (ew), ┬ábreathers of all makes and models — I’m watching you.

And as Tara says, breathe into every cell of your body so it expands (anyone else envisioning Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with that visual?!)

Probably just me.