Hand On My Heart

Tonight, I meditated on forgiveness. Of course, I turned to my girl Tara to help me through this meditation and I wasn’t disappointed.

A short meditation, but I admit the most powerful one that I have done to date. Forgiveness, I would venture, is not something that comes easily to us. As Tara says, it’s a life process. 

At one point, she urges me to stay connected and sense my vulnerability. She beckons me to take my hand and place it gently on my heart.

My hand felt odd there–out of place, heavy, clumsy, uncomfortable, and well…vulnerable.

Do it now, take your hand and place it on your heart.  Unnatural, isn’t it? But at the same time, incredibly grounding. It’s a physical acknowledgment that you are here right now in this moment.

As I try and make mindfulness a part of my life, I often find myself getting stuck on the “practice.” I don’t do it everyday; I don’t always remember to make the choice in the contrast; and sometimes my meditations irritate me more than they center me.

So tonight, I am choosing to forgive myself for all of the above. And place my hand on my heart and remind myself that I am here in the now–and THAT is pretty damn mindful.

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