The Art of Cleansing

There is a wealth of information surrounding the idea of “cleansing” the mind and body to get rid of toxins of all kinds.

 Juice cleanses have certainly gained popularity over the years in a continued attempt for quick fix dietary changes that help us feel better, lose weight, and get all the nutrients we are supposed to be getting every single day.
The “Master Cleanse” has been around forever and is still widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to really detox your body. So popular, in fact, that if you go into a whole foods store, you can find pre-made master cleanse drinks ready to clean you out at your heart’s content. Note: they are just as gross as if you were to make the cleanse on your own.
And then, there’s your more spiritual cleansing. Which, for example, can take the form of burning sage or “smudging” in your home to allow all of that negative energy to be whisked away through some swirling wisps of white smoke. Warning: avoid setting the smoke alarm off while doing this–it will  ruin the whole calming ritualistic piece that is apparently quite important.
But, I want to talk about a simpler act of cleansing. The act of washing your face.
As I was doing this, I realized how much more calm and refreshed I felt after wiping the day from my face. Think about it for a minute. Our faces are the first things to feel, express, touch, sense anything throughout our days. The whipping cold of a winter day; the stress of a meeting running too long; the ratchet smell of burned popcorn in the office; the heat of hot air drying your lips.
The simple act of cleansing your face at the end of the day is a powerful way to wipe the slate clean for the next day. For all the stresses that our faces receive every day to be washed away down the sink.
It is cleansing in its truest form. It is self care in its truest form. 
And you get great skin as a pay-off.
So cleanse away my friends!

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