Be Nice To Yourself

I wrote a post awhile ago about the struggle of self-compassion. How the very idea of being compassionate to the self takes a back seat to being compassionate to the people you love, the people closest to you, or the people who we perceive to be in need of compassion–of our compassion.

Not to mention that there’s clearly a significant gap between self-esteem and self-compassion. I wouldn’t even put them in the same category: “I feel good about myself” vs. “I am compassionate to myself” are decidedly different things.

The path to self-actualization can be hard and confusing. And, it inevitably has its ups and downs. Like a rollercoaster that looks amazingly fun from below. And once you’re strapped in, feet dangling, head crammed between the headrests, all thoughts turn to “why did I think this was a good idea?!

And as someone who loathes roller coasters (there’s a lot of convincing and negotiation that has to happen to get me on one), I will be first to admit that the end of that ride there’s a weightlessness and no thoughts about the future or the past. You are fully present in that post-adrenaline rush of your body.

You are a person, and being a person is hard.

The above quote comes from a great meditation exercise shared with me by one of my closest friends. Check it out HERE.

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