Why Dancing Is My Other Meditation

For me, the practice of mindfulness is far beyond learning how to take time away from your day to pause and meditate. In my opinion, it’s any act that allows you to feel present, free, and in yourself.

Dancing is one of my favorite mindfulness practices. I am not a trained dancer in any shape or form but it is, without a doubt, the most free and present I ever feel.

I always dance with my headphones on, the music throbbing against my eardrums, filling my body with all of its melodies, words, and notes that are meant to be moved to. I allow my body to move in whichever way feels natural and, inevitably, the stressors, anxieties, and worries of the day melt away as I let the music wash over me.

I become aware of how amazing our bodies are, my body is, how alive it is. It allows me to move as I want, limbs lifting, twirling, swinging, curving my body and letting go and welcoming complete and utter freedom. Hours pass by before I realize that I’m breathless, smiling, having used all of my living space to fill the room with my creative expression.

I dance with my whole body. I dance through grocery stores. I dance while cleaning. I dance in the car. I dance standing in lines. I dance purely. And, I have always danced like nobody’s watching…even if everyone is.

So, in case you need a little inspiration on this regular ole Tuesday, remember to dance mindfully, dance fully, and dance like nobody’s watching.

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