A Meditation Narration

I walk about a mile total from my car to work every day (unless it’s monsoon season, which hey funny fact – it actually is right now in the DC metro area). I try and meditate and practice mindfulness as I make this walk. Here is my narration:


Gather your things mindfully. One at a time, remembering not to rush, remembering not to forget anything, remembering that the end of your day is finally here but you shouldn’t run into it.

Walk out through the door and leave the stuffy, closed in feel of the office. Take a deep inhale breath in and let the crisp outside air fill your nostrils, chest, and lungs. Breathe it out as a full sigh of relief, out through your mouth. Release all the tensions and feel your shoulders move away from your ears and down your back as you purposefully put one foot in front of the other to lead you on your path to your safe haven.

Focus on the feel of your feet on the ground. Grounded, you are grounded. Here and now moving in this powerful, strong body that is yours.

With every “in” breath, lift your gaze to appreciate the life around you. The leaves acting as carpeting on the dirt path, the chipmunks and squirrels scurrying invisibly through the brush, begging for your attention. The wind rustling bare branches, anticipating and hoping for leaves to rustle and flowers to blow away.

With every “out” breath, notice and acknowledge your fellow human beings passing you as they move through their walks and runs–strengthening their bodies just as you are.

Be here now. Feel your chest open as you inhale nature around you and feel your belly soften as you breathe out into it. Each step you take releases a tension, a negative thought, a stress of the day. Each breath you take nourishes and nurtures your mind and body with the oxygen you need to break free from the day. 

What matters is your presence in this moment.


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