Is this healthy for me? 

“You have an incredibly high tolerance for the intolerable.” 

This core element of my “self” was brought to my attention recently and it made me particularly introspective at this observation. I’ll admit,  I have always considered myself to be rather tough, maybe even tougher than the average 30-year old middle class female. My tough-ness did not come overnight nor was I born with it. It happened over many traumas, challenges, heartaches, and failures. I have always believed that we are  a culmination and ultimately a product of our experiences. 

But, this begged the question for me: When does being so tolerant of the intolerable become a bad thing? When does that start to strip you of your personal prerogative to say “enough is enough”?

On my long and often windy journey of self-actualization and everyday mindfulness, I have consumed enough information to understand that “being well” is often defined by exercising smart, healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life. And in my most recent existential crisis, I’m realizing that if your boundaries aren’t strong and regularly fortified for your self, it’s very hard to move into that place of “well-ness” effectively.

I’ve written before about the vast and wild universe and how if there is a willingness to listen, it will rarely fail in providing. Because of this, I’m a firm believer that you will always meet people at the right time in your life who will always teach you valuable lessons. And in my most recent musings, I’m learning that perhaps the lesson I am meant to learn is that “crazy” isn’t the norm I should be used to. These people, fresh and new to me in so many ways, held up the mirror to say — look, Angela, by and large, you should not tolerate this. 

And so, I’ve started to ask myself a question about everything I do in my life: Is this healthy for me

Healthy for my mind, body, spirit, and soul. If it is not, I will no longer participate and it is within my power to say “no.” A large part of being mindful is just that – be mindful of the choices you make, the words you speak, the actions you take, and how they affect the whole of you. 

And for the universe’s sake – learn how to say enough is enough! 

Be well, be healthy, be mindful my friends. 

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