Why New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t For Me

NYE Resolutions

In some sort of twisted irony, I come back to this blog on the first day of a brand new year. Not because I resolved to take this back up starting 1/1/2018 but because somehow, the muse struck me (thank God!)

I was with a friend of mine discussing the virtues and pitfalls of New Year’s resolutions. Now, I can’t (and won’t) say they are universally ineffective but I would venture to say that they’re perhaps effective for only certain people.

But, as I sat and contemplated our conversation, I find that I’m much more interested in “resolving” to carry on working on myself which will take much more than just one year’s time. 

For example:

  • Showing kindness to myself as much as I show it to others.
  • Embracing fear and knowing that it serves its purpose but cannot and should not dictate my life.
  • Celebrate the small victories as much as the big ones–a good day where I loved myself, got outside, and was kind to people should be celebrated.

These are the truths that I want to cultivate and nurture within myself. They won’t have timelines or measurable goals against them. And in a society that lives off manufactured timelines–sometimes it’s important not to have any!

In French, we say “Bonne Anneé” which directly translates to say “Good Year.” May this be a good year for all of us–full of light and love. And remembering that this life (the entirety of it) is really our resolution.

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