#MindfulMonday Affirmations

Affirmation Blogpost

Affirmations have never really been my thing. But, recently, I started listening to this rather inspirational podcast: Affirmation Pod. She does a wonderful job of doing what I would categorize as guided meditative affirmations.

She doesn’t make you repeat “I am awesome” a hundred times while staring at yourself in the mirror (more power to you if that works). But, she guides you through healthier ways of dealing with a variety of challenges included but not limited to: toxic work environments, building confidence at work, dealing with challenging family members during holidays, worthiness of self-care, etc.

You can check her out on Spotify, iTunes, and on her website.

All this to say that I wanted to contribute my own regular blogposts dedicated to affirmations.

Here are my Monday affirmations and I hope they will resonate with some of you:

  • I will remind myself that the universe is not against me, but for me.
  • I will be kind to my fellow women–we need it and it’s our movement.
  • I am worthy of good things and choose to shed toxicity and negative energy actively.
  • I will spend my day reminding myself to learn patience even in the smallest ways (i.e. refraining from honking at a car that’s taking too long at a green light).
  • I will enjoy the hell out of my first ever ballet class and enter the room with the enthusiasm and fearlessness of a three-year old.

Happy #MindfulMonday y’all!

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