Featuring: The Haiku Guys + Gals


I like to fancy myself a writer.

Well, as much as writing the occasional blogpost, short creative fiction or non-fiction story really makes me a “writer.”

But, I have never fancied myself a poet. So, when a dear friend of mine mentioned The Haiku Guys + Gals, I was very intrigued.

One of their ways to get you engaged with their content is to write you a free haiku. Submit your basic information and a “haiku theme,” wait a week or so (after all the creative process can’t be rushed), and you’ve got yourself a proper haiku written just for you.

My haiku theme was a series of anxiety-riddled existential questions about my path in life, career, etc. You know – the usual.

I’m sure once that was submitted the poets all look at each other and with quickly affixed index fingers on their noses, yelling “not it!,” ensuing a debate on who was best equipped to tackle this one.

Well, to whomever, wrote it — THANK YOU. 

Here it is:

your reach is as long
as your imagination
so untie your hands

Somehow, I wrote a few of my neuroses down and these amazing strangers turned it into simple, lilting poetry disguised as life advice. 

So, thank you, Haiku Guys + Gals for helping me free myself of my chains.

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