An Ode to My Anti-Anxiety Meds

I’ve been on anti-anxiety medication now for a couple years. Reticent at first, like any good anxious person about whether or not this was going to have more negative side effects than positive ones and traumatized from a brief stint with a very wrong anti-anxiety medication years ago (note: you literally have no idea which one is going to make you crazier or crazy…less). Not to mention the societal and social stigmas that come along with being a person who is “medicated for their mental illness.”

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Why I can’t stop redecorating my 800 sq ft apartment is a go to favorite for me and my bestie. Not only does it provide thousands of interior decorating inspirational photographs–but, before you know it, hours have gone by as you’ve gone down a rabbit hole of master makeover stories. It’s an incredibly good use of anyone’s time. 

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