Review: Simply Being Meditation App

So, as I try and build my mental muscles to help me relax (ironic, I know)–I decided to stray from my favorite zen goddess, Tara Brach, and try something new.

Here are my unfiltered thoughts:


  •  Homegirl on this app has a naturally calming tone. Some guided meditations can sound forced–you’re on the other end expecting them to snap at any moment from the sheer effort around all the calmness they’re trying to exude. 
  • Options for voice only, nature sounds only, or both. Calming voice chick + ocean waves? Yes, please. 
  • Ability to choose length of meditation. 5, 10, 15, 20, 30. The flexibility positively reinforces the concept that even 5 minutes of this practice can improve your life. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes? 
  • Volume control on BOTH voice volume and nature sounds. Want your “gentle forest brook” to be louder than homegirl? Done and done. 
  • No focus on the breath. Breathing should be (and is) as natural as blinking. But I have found, huffing and puffing along this mountain, that with deeper awareness of the in-flow/out-flow of the breath (love you Tara!) comes a deeper, physical meditation that just feels good. 
I did the 15 minute guided meditation which focused a lot on “letting go.” Which in this meditation meant actively “not resisting;” “not following thoughts;” “refraining from solving that nagging problem;” “doing something.” 
Shit’s hard. 
All in all highly recommend the app. There’s an element of personalization that can help make this practice really yours.